Tokens and Prizes


Everyone that is involved in the DATC event is eligible unless they chose not to, for participation in the token earning and door prize giveaways during the closing ceremonies, except for the founders, Larry Trenda and Kyle Larson, and their respective spouses.

What are tokens?
Participants (both divers and volunteers) who wish to participate in a Dive-a-Thon door prize
drawing will be assigned a unique number, which will be written on earned TOKENS and given to the entrant. Prizes will be assigned a container, and entrants may place their token or tokens into the container or containers of their choice for the drawing at the closing ceremonies.

How do I earn tokens?
The amount of chips allocated per entrant is as follows:

  • Each participant diver may receive one token per dive, with a two chip maximum.
  • Each volunteer may receive one token for volunteering.
  • Each person may receive one token for every $500 raised under their name (see DATC Policy regarding credit for donations)
  • DATC may chose at its own discretion to announce special token earning options, however are not obligated to do so

Example 1:
A participant diver completes three dives, raises $1,300 in donations and
volunteers as a safety diver.

(5) Tokens total: (2) tokens for dives, (2) tokens for donations and
(1) token for volunteering

Example 2:
A person volunteers to work at the registration table and raises
$1,800 in donations.

(4) Tokens total: (1) Token for volunteering, (3) Tokens for donations

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